Our History

Having founded The WealthEngineeringTM Institute in 1996, my colleagues and I engineered The WealthEngineeringTM Hub as an ecosystem for families of wealth and their advisors utilizing the Institute’s WealthEngineeringTM Platform along with a plethora of other resources which we have developed over the past 40 years. 

WEH is a gathering place for Families and their advisors to peruse a carefully selected, categorized portfolio of Expert Sourcing firms in a very private setting. Families can create their WEH Dashboards to access the Expert Sourcing firms and the Knowledge Center coupled with Regional Chapters and synchronized with discreet peer-to-peer Forums and dynamic regional and national Conferences. My national team and I are dedicated to providing quality education, training, coaching and advanced strategies for families of wealth in conjunction with their advisors.

More than just financial . . . we develop, implement and maintain harmony within a family through continuous, positive and intelligent action. We look forward to being of assistance to the betterment of families of wealth.

Founder and CEO — Nicholas L. Gregory, ChWEA, CEBA, ChCCA